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Vendor Spotlight: Tailgating with Flash Works Specialities

At Westphalia Market we love local, and we know you do, too. That’s why we started our Local Vendor Spotlight series, where we feature local businesses we think you’ll love.

Flash Works Flat Grill on white background

Say CONGRATULATIONS to the lucky WINNER of our Flash Works Collapsible Grill Giveaway!

We gave away a brand-spanking new Flash Works Flat Grill to one lucky winner, and we just can’t wait to hear what she grills first!

Flash Works Specialties Flat Grill with steaks

The Flash Works Flat Grill: Stores Flat, Travels Flat – Just the Flat Best Collapsible Charcoal Grill in Texas.

Founded in 2019 by Dustin McDaniel of Hutto, Texas, Flash Works Specialties is located right between Round Rock, Pflugerville and Hutto at 2001 County Road 137 / Jake’s Hill Road, specializing in metal fabrication, welding, acrylic laser cutting, laser engraving, and CNC Plasma Cutting.

Flash Works has become known nationally and across Central Texas for precision work and high-quality custom-made products. Their reputation and customer satisfaction has seen Flash Works grow to serve a wide range of businesses, industries, families, and individual customers across Central Texas and the Unites States.

Owner Dustin McDaniel says it best: “We love working with our customers to create designs and solutions that perfectly fit their inspiration, vision, and requirements. And we won’t be beat when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction.”

Family Owned and Operated. Made in Hutto, Texas USA by Hutto, Texans.

The Evan & Micki McDaniel family operates Labor Only Auto Repair – one of the highest-rated and most-trusted auto repair shops in Central Texas with loyal customers going back decades. As a young boy, Evan & Micki’s youngest son, Dustin McDaniel, learned to rebuild motors. At age 10, Dustin’s Dad gave him his first assignment: Tear down and rebuild a failed lawnmower engine.

Dustin broke down the engine, diagnosed the issues, got all the required parts together, and rebuilt the motor on his own without any help in no time at all. This began his career in engine mechanics and he grew up learning and helping out at the shop after school and on weekends, doing his part in building the McDaniel family business.

Over the past 11 years, Dustin has become a highly skilled mechanic and a brilliant technician. His love of technology and electrical systems provided a natural path into his interests in CNC Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting, Laser technology, Welding and Metal Fabrication. His lifetime of experience in his family’s auto repair business has engrained in his DNA an immovable commitment to customer service, customer satisfaction, and a tireless dedication to excellence in his work.

Flash Works Specialties welcomes you to the Westphalia Meat Market’s new website. We’re honored to be invited to participate in the local “Vendor Spotlight” series.

We’re extremely proud and humbled to be included on Westphalia’s store shelves in Hutto, Texas along with so many truly exceptional and unique local brands – along with their wide range of premium grilling supplies and the absolute freshest cuts of locally-sourced meats in Central Texas!

Flash Works Flat Grill display inside Westphalia Market Hutto store

Get Your Own Flash Works Flat Grill Right in our Store

Right by the butcher counter in Westphalia Meat Market in Hutto, you’ll see the Flash Works sales rack where you can pickup your Flash Works collapsible charcoal grill. Pickup one of the boxed grills from the sales rack, and you’ll feel right away – that’s a solid grill in there!

Great for tailgating, camping trips, getaways to the beach, or just hanging out with friends and family. The Flash Works Flat Grill also makes a great gift when you’re looking for something special and unique for that person who loves grilling & cooking.

And you can buy your own Flat Grill right here in Westphalia’s Hutto store, a perfect add-on to your next steak and burger shopping trip!

Flash Works manufactures their grills right here in their shop in Hutto, Texas using locally-sourced materials. They also offer free shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

Folks really like how sturdy the grill is and so easy to setup and break down in just a few seconds. When not in use the Flat Grill stows away nice and flat, and is very easy to travel with when tailgating, camping, or heading down to the beach for a weekend.

Customers also love how the grill surface comes right off. So after your meats are grilled to juicy perfection, you can just pickup the grilling surface with grilling gloves and carry your steaks, burgers, hot dogs, sausage, chicken, and pork chops, veggies right into the house without having to first offload the meats & veggies onto a separate serving tray.

Because the Flash Works collapsible charcoal grill is so easy to disassemble, it’s super easy to clean because each surface is flat and simple to wipe down.

We hope you enjoy our Vendor Spotlight series! Central Texas is full of unique, local businesses providing outstanding products and services. We’re so proud to feature them in our Hutto store and invite you to come in and try them out for yourself!

Flash Works Specialties Logo

Flash Works Specialties Facts

In a Nutshell:

Nominated “Best New Business in Hutto”, Flash Works Specialties is a fantastic, local, family-owned business specializing in metal fabrication, CNC plasma cutting, custom laser engraving, and acrylic laser cutting serving industries, businesses, organizations, and families across Central Texas and the entire USA.

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